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Started by Debbie 3 years ago
I am living in one of the more repressive states of the Union: Tennessee.
"My" representative, Doctor Phil Roe, tells me that marijuana is the most dangerous drug on the planet. He has no effective competition for his House of Representatives' seat.
Back in Michigan, I enjoyed Medical Marijuana as a treatment for my chronic pain following a collision with a semi truck in 2002.
Since I tried to pass that truck, as it jack-knifed on I-75, I have had five back surgeries, including three fusions.
Doctors prescribed Methadone, Opana, and Dilaudid.
I would like to share a poem I wrote, describing my feelings when I depended on narcotics. It is called "STENOSIS".
Today started out out burning RED with streaks of BLACK and then it faded to WHITE.
That’s when the morphine kicked in.
White noise fills my ears. White light burns my eyes. White heat melts my bones.
I wanted to scream. I had no mouth.

Consider love.
Blood-red candy.

It is abstract, an artifact, not a FACT
Tomorrow will start burning RED with streaks of BLACK and then it will fade to WHITE.
Broken glass shreds unseen flesh, bleeding inside. Synapses burst with empty thoughts.
The film spins noisy in the reel. The screen is blank and BLINDING. The audience grows uneasy.

You’ll die alone.
Like everyone
a maggot in the Inter zone.

The yellow dream is turning brown, writhing, twisting, knotted, rotting, and lost.
Words hang suspended like spit on dental floss.
You can’t wake up.

Standing up straight takes my breath away.
Oh well.

It’s Christmas, again.
It came fast, this year.

When I had legal access to marijuana, I could forget about the pain. My mind could escape from the constant pain.

Now, I live in Tennessee.

Charles Clemons

Posts: 4
Debbie replied 3 years ago...

Great description of lack of pain relief will be so glad when you can access medical cannabis again Charles!

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