There are days when we are sad and cannot find peace
from within. It is the struggle from day to day, the not
knowing how well we can cope, that makes this struggle
so very unpredictable, and difficult to forecast. No matter
how tough the bad days are, we have to always fight for hope.

There is tragedy all around us, in every newspaper, on
every news forecast. We cannot think that our tragedy is
the first or worst, nor will it be the last. We are alive,
and for that we must be grateful and continue to live our
life. Some days are just so painful that we are tempted to
contemplate it as our last.

During those times of intense pain, reach out to a friend
and hold on tight. Everybody needs love and support,
sometimes just more severely and often. There is great
regret when you let life’s problems make you want to give up.
I assure you there is no glory or victory in volunteering for a
premature coffin.

So no matter how bad times may now seem, hold on to the
positive in your life. Bad days have a way of drifting away
and one day it will be difficult to recall. Broken hearts
have an amazing way of healing, so this pain is really
fleeting. Everyone gets occasionally discouraged, but
only you can prohibit your final fall.