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Loss of Family and Friends Post BI

Dear friends, the loss of family and friends really was the most heart breaking part of this journey for me. I know most of you have also experienced my same kind of pain and heartache. I did come from a very close family and I was the oldest. I was their “got to” person for 35 years and then in a split second the “me” they knew was gone. I believe their grief was as great as if I had died…..or possibly worse in some ways. There is a protocol for death there is no protocol for TBI! None of them knew how to properly grieve their loss of me and I can see that today. I know that none of them are proud of the way they have treated me because I knew them so well. I also realize they no longer had a clue how to treat me, so they chose to ignore me for their own peace of mind. I have gone forward with my life and realize they had to go forward with their lives without the me they once knew and loved. I don’t have to like it but I can forgive them. I can forgive them because I did know who and how they were prior to my injury. In retrospect I do know their behavior was not what anyone would have expected or been able to foresee. As there is no BI handbook for us there is also no handbook for our loved ones. We all lost a lot in this brain injury journey including many of our family and friends. If we can understand this much we can learn how to put that severe pain in a perception that will hopefully allow us to find some understanding and inner peace! We weren’t the only ones that needed love and understanding our family and friends needed it also! We could not help them with their pain just as they don’t seem to be able to help with ours more times than not! You are NOT alone!


Medical Cannabis

You have helped keep me sane.
You have helped manage my pain.
You have helped me to finally regain.
You have helped take me in from the rain.
You are the kindest medicine anyone can attain.
You are the first medicine that is healing my brain.
You are helping me feel again and become much less lame.
You have helped me to feel less embarrassment and shame.
You have helped me believe my brain can continue to retrain.
You are my brightest rainbow following decades of unimaginable strain.

We Had No Warning

Dear friends, I have noticed that survivors that have other disorders had warnings. They have symptoms that warn them that something is wrong with their health. We as brain injured did not get any warning. Our injuries all happened in a split second of unexpected time. The unexpectedness of the experience throws most of us totally off base. After our injuries we are all struggling so hard just to hang on. There is never a blood test that shows us we are getting better. Our only gauges have got to come from ourselves and our loved ones. Our injury is definitely one of a kind. We are each others gauges on improvement. When you see someone doing better, or with more hope or encouragement lets remember we can be each others gauges, encouragers and hope!

A Patient’s Point of View Medical Cannabis

A patients point of view about our countries greatest social problem: ITSELF
If we were to legalize medical cannabis the following horrible things would happen.

Our dying, debilitated, and much deserving would get what they need to live and die with dignity.

The social stigma would disappear and this “Gramma” could finally visit her mother, children and grandchildren who are all families supported by the US government.

My friends taking opiates and feeling “out of it” all the time could reduce their medication and enjoy life more fully because their brain could compute again.

My alcoholic friends could get sober or at least reduce their consumption and they may be less likely to kill someone behind the wheel of their car.

Not as many children would be born with birth defects as a result of the side effects of prescription drugs.

There would be an immediate rise in employment and benefits, including unions needed by countless people right now.

Many disorders that there is not currently any adequate medication or treatment
could be treated and symptoms managed.

Medicare and Medicaid would save too much money. I can document that with my own pharmacy bills and physicians.

Too many people would not end up in jail for non violent crimes.

When teenagers are determined to steal their parent’s medicine the result would be they would get lazy instead of requiring a trip to the ER for an overdose or possible death.

Our states would no longer have to be bankrupt, if they handled it correctly.

People might get happier and have more fulfilling lives without the interference of prescription drugs and their horrific side effects.

Our current veterans could get much more help with their mental, physical, and psychological problems.

Our prior veterans would stop being arrested for marijuana charges.

We could reduce the over populated prison by thousands by releasing marijuana possession case inmates.

My brain injured friends and I might mellow out and get control over our anger, rage, and disappointment of living with brain injury.

Debbie Wilson
A 2 x brain injury survivor with uncontrolled cervical pain and seizures, that has lost her teeth, gall bladder, and colon to side effects of medication that did not control seizures, head aches, neck pain, or chronic wasting. All of these disorders are now controlled with medical cannabis with high cannabidiol (CBD).

Cannabis Truth Warriors

Dear friends, there are medical cannabis truth warriors throughout this world. I salute them all and am proud to walk among them! There is a very dark side that fights what is right and just everyday in every way throughout this world! The dark side fights all of us every single day. In this age of technology no one even has to look out their front door to see all that is really wrong with our world today! I came out here to tell a true story my heart felt deserved to be shared with all of mankind! I did know many would hate me, fight me, label me, and try to hurt or harm me. I believe all advocates feel a lot of what I feel and we still keep pushing forward anyway. We are compelled to do it because it is part of our life mission. Many of us through harsh and unimaginable experiences were blessed with the miracle of this plant. A plant that for the first time in history “man” made illegal for all the wrong reasons. It is time that medical cannabis legalization happens. It is the only believers fair, humane and spiritual way! The bible is still the number one most read book in 2015. I am banking on humanity to give medical cannabis the right to do what it was put here by the heavenly father to help and let it help heal us all! I am pleading that those that TRULY care for their fellow man do what is right not necessarily popular with friends, families, politics or governments. It is time for all of us to stand together and prove there is still enough believers, sanity and goodness left in this world to do out best to help put a stop to this medical cannabis war. This healing plant has cost far too many unimaginable pain, suffering, death, persecution, incarceration, and execution!

Memory Box Post CTE

Dear friends, once diagnosed with CTE I desperately needed a better memory strategy! After talking to my son we decided to make a memory cueing box. My son had noticed I could still be cued to names if I could recognize the names in a specific category. Examples of categories are doctors, pharmacy, and all other categories of contacts you need to know how to access yourself! We made a “category” box out of 4×6 index cards. We categorized and then alphabetized it like any address book. I took my address book and broke it down into different “categories” that I most often need to access. The memory box has only a few names in each category, making it much easier for me to get the cue of a name I am familiar with. I also needed a very definitive guide to self safety! My judgement and reasoning were getting much worse. We knew we needed something that would make sense to me. I suggested green, yellow and red colors cued me best to behavior and rules. We put red, yellow and green construction paper up with daily living activities etc. When he asked what I needed I told him if you want me to stop you should put my scooter on the red list and put a three wheel bicycle on the green list. He then understood he could no longer leave it up to me to do the next right or safe thing! This system has been in place three years and is still working for me and hopefully will help one of you!


The “Mirror” Sequel

As I now look into the mirror,
I remember I have often been puzzled by my face.
I can still get confused by the similarities,
It thankfully no longer makes me feel off base.
I know this is called acceptance and it sure feels great.
The mirror always tells a true story,
Yet the person in the mirror is not quite the same.
It is like the same familiar body is now inhabited,
By an intruder who suddenly taught her inner strength can be gained by pain.

I used to wonder “if” one could somehow one day become two?
I can still remember when the mirror showed only one.
But there is constant awareness of this unwanted yet blessed intruder,
That continues to go with me no matter how fast I run.
It is not that I am frightened by this long time intruder,
But I can still get occassionally frustrated by the things she cannot do.
But then I really look in the mirror, in any mirror,
And the mirror says “Yes it is really finally you.”
The intruder came suddenly and gave me no time or choice,
I was once quite indignant this intruder came at such a personal cost.

I sometimes wonder “if” there had been an invitation,
would the intruder have been easier to accept.
Yes, I think I have been able to forgive the lack of invitation,
As I finally experience the two successfully becoming one.
I should know as I am now able to look in the mirror,
And am very proud to see that the transition is finally done.
The mirror always tells the true story,
the person in the mirror is still not quite the same.
It is like the same familiar body is certainly inhabited,
By an intruder who suddenly taught her inner strength can be gained by pain.

People In Charge

People lets not be trapped by any misconceptions.
People in charge should always be judged by their actions.
People in charge should be concerned about other humans.
People in charge should not promote civil infused invasions.
People in charge should pay attention to its citizens notifications.
People in charge should always offer society with sane solutions.
People in charge should be held accountable for all their deceptions.
People in charge should be held accountable for all their corruptions.
People in charge should be concerned about getting people life saving medicines.
People in charge are supposed to have the citizens vote before they change our doctrines.

We Must Remember

We must remember the importance of being adaptive.
We must remember to stay alert for all that may be deceptive.
We must remember that change for the better is always massive.
We must remember not to be willing to sit back and stay passive.
We must remember not be not allow ourselves to be held captive.
We must remember to be careful about others intent and motives.
We must remember to never allow others to treat us oppressively.
We must remember to never allow any entity to treat us abusively.
We must remember that “we the people” is the truest meaning of progressive.
We must remember this is our world where we should have a right to live happily.
We must remember it is by working together and learning to forgive we all better live.

Time Goes Forward Anyway

We can’t stop the clock from surprisingly going forward,
We must realize time does not stop for anything or anyone.
We aren’t always aware the clock has continued going forward,
This stark realization can frustrate, anger or make us want to run.
We must realize time does not stop for anything or anyone.
We can choose thankfulness for all the things we may have already done,
We can realize we are someone special and turn any challenge into action.
We can choose to direct our energy and consider we may have been chosen,
We can embrace or deny any chance for life transformation and self realization.
We can choose to fight until we say “in time” we overcame and really have won,
We can accept life as it comes even when we cannot imagine how it can be done.
We may eventually see areas where life with challenges have made us even better,
We may need to make adjustments but we can get it done and again enjoy the sun,
We can keep going forward even when we just came out of a treacherous blizzard.
We can laugh and give to others and this will save us when we may have worsened.
We can’t stop the clock from surprisingly going forward,
We must realize time does not stop for anything or anyone.
We can continue having faith and hope until we find our new and improved horizon.

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