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A Patient’s Point of View Medical Cannabis

A patients point of view about our countries greatest social problem: ITSELF
If we were to legalize medical cannabis the following horrible things would happen.

Our dying, debilitated, and much deserving would get what they need to live and die with dignity.

The social stigma would disappear and this “Gramma” could finally visit her mother, children and grandchildren who are all families supported by the US government.

My friends taking opiates and feeling “out of it” all the time could reduce their medication and enjoy life more fully because their brain could compute again.

My alcoholic friends could get sober or at least reduce their consumption and they may be less likely to kill someone behind the wheel of their car.

Not as many children would be born with birth defects as a result of the side effects of prescription drugs.

There would be an immediate rise in employment and benefits, including unions needed by countless people right now.

Many disorders that there is not currently any adequate medication or treatment
could be treated and symptoms managed.

Medicare and Medicaid would save too much money. I can document that with my own pharmacy bills and physicians.

Too many people would not end up in jail for non violent crimes.

When teenagers are determined to steal their parent’s medicine the result would be they would get lazy instead of requiring a trip to the ER for an overdose or possible death.

Our states would no longer have to be bankrupt, if they handled it correctly.

People might get happier and have more fulfilling lives without the interference of prescription drugs and their horrific side effects.

Our current veterans could get much more help with their mental, physical, and psychological problems.

Our prior veterans would stop being arrested for marijuana charges.

We could reduce the over populated prison by thousands by releasing marijuana possession case inmates.

My brain injured friends and I might mellow out and get control over our anger, rage, and disappointment of living with brain injury.

Debbie Wilson
A 2 x brain injury survivor with uncontrolled cervical pain and seizures, that has lost her teeth, gall bladder, and colon to side effects of medication that did not control seizures, head aches, neck pain, or chronic wasting. All of these disorders are now controlled with medical cannabis with high cannabidiol (CBD).

Seizures Can?


Seizures can steal lives
Seizures can damage brains
Seizures can cause people to isolate
Seizures can steal a lot of a persons life time
Seizures can steal their inner peace of mind
Seizures can cause others to treat them unkind
Seizures can steal a lot of their self awareness
Seizures can cause others to treat them like slime
Seizures can cause them to shed buckets full of tears
Seizures can fill them with immense dread and fears
Seizures can cause a lot of society and self hate
Seizures can make them feeling one else can possibly relate
Seizures can cause them to try every remedy available
Seizures can cause them to live a very limited existence
Seizures can cause serious life and family complications
Seizures can cause loss, pain and unbearable heartache
Seizures can makes them feel like they are really disappeared
Seizures can cause them to be desperate and willing to try anything
Seizures can steal their consciousness and leave them no awareness
Seizures can respond to medical cannabis when nothing else gives them hope
Seizures can help others to take a humane and compassionate and reasonable
Seizures do not discriminate and you would desire cannabis access if it were you
Seizures can steal lives
Seizures patients also know that most others would never volunteer them to trade places with you
Seizures and medical cannabis legalization should always be seen with a sincere and loving compassionate point of view

Post Stroke Healing Medical Cannabis

Dear friends, I want to share what I have done the past 4 months post brain bleed. I already had multiple brain injuries prior to this bleed. I had been told there was no way I would live! The blood vessel had a 90% blockage 6 years ago and surgery was NOT an option. I was also not eligible for the stroke shot as seizures disqualifies all epileptics. I have used medical cannabis, meditation and yoga to successfully get my abilities back! This time my heart, lungs and kidney functions were negatively affected. This is new to me but I am still going strong and have figured out how to overcome most of the negative symptoms! There is so much HOPE with medical cannabis! My primary doctor actually looked at me last month and said “you know you should be dead”? I chuckled and said yes I know but as you see I am thankfully not!

People In Charge

People lets not be trapped by any misconceptions.
People in charge should always be judged by their actions.
People in charge should be concerned about other humans.
People in charge should not promote civil infused invasions.
People in charge should pay attention to its citizens notifications.
People in charge should always offer society with sane solutions.
People in charge should be held accountable for all their deceptions.
People in charge should be held accountable for all their corruptions.
People in charge should be concerned about getting people life saving medicines.
People in charge are supposed to have the citizens vote before they change our doctrines.

We Must Remember

We must remember the importance of being adaptive.
We must remember to stay alert for all that may be deceptive.
We must remember that change for the better is always massive.
We must remember not to be willing to sit back and stay passive.
We must remember not be not allow ourselves to be held captive.
We must remember to be careful about others intent and motives.
We must remember to never allow others to treat us oppressively.
We must remember to never allow any entity to treat us abusively.
We must remember that “we the people” is the truest meaning of progressive.
We must remember this is our world where we should have a right to live happily.
We must remember it is by working together and learning to forgive we all better live.

Please Take My Hand

Please take my hand,
And let’s walk together in the warm sun and sand.
We all noticed life doesn’t always go as we hoped or planned.
Please just take my hand,
We noticed life doesn’t always go as we hoped or planned.
Please just take my hand,
It may help us both continue to stand or even better expand.
Please take my hand,
And let’s walk together in the warm sun and sand.
Please take my hand,
We all noticed life doesn’t always go as we hoped and planned.
Please take my hand,
And let’s help keep each other stay out of life’s treachoreous quicksand.
Please take my hand,
We may notice when life doesn’t go as planned we can create our own wonderland.
Please take my hand,
And let’s remind each other we are not alone and together we can make a new plan.

Unique Point of View

When my youngest was five,
I was told to get my affairs in order I wouldn’t stay alive.
Life is not about the number of breathes we take,
It is about the people we touch and being aware others also ache.
I was told to get my affairs in order and I did indeed survive.
I was not able to drive but I was able to continue to thrive and thrive.
Life is not about the number of times we may wobble or break,
It is about all the times we can overcome and continue to reawake.
I can’t count the times life and it’s wonder have taken my breathe away,
I am thankful I was able to continue living it was a miracle that I got to stay.
Live life like you are always about to take your last breathe too,
It allows for a different way of living and a unique point of view.
Living is not about me or you it is about helping each other make it through.

A Real Friend


Some friends mean well, but they don’t seem to
be quite available, when needed the most.
Other friends are there occasionally if you are
in some kind of dire need or emergency.
Real friends don’t let you feel alone, in spirit,
they are emotionally available with loving care.
There are friends that will help you by voluntarily
taking the lead and allowing you to have a rest.
This gives us a chance to be our very best.

Friends are few and far between. Although we have
a lot of acquaintances. Real friends are so very rare.
Acquaintances smile and talk a good game, but are
never really available at the meaningful times.
Friends, true friends, make every effort to be there
for each other in times of necessity joy and strife.
They love each other during the happy times as
well as the downhearted and difficult times.

Friends are not like fruit that grow on trees, they
are hand picked from all over the universe.
Always show thankfulness and love for the
friends that you are fortunate enough to have.
Friends don’t judge each other on status of financial
position or outward personal appearances.
Real friends judge each other on the merits of their
quality of heart and the pure goodness of their soul.

In A Split Second

One day we were here,
In a split second, we did all disappear.
One day life did seem very clear,
In a split second we suddenly felt lonely and full of fear.
One day life was feeling quite joyful and full of cheer,
In a split second, we were made to feel like we were no longer here.
One day life was filled with future plans and worthwhile careers,
In a split second we were given cause to cry more than our share of tears.
One day we were blazing a new and unwanted frontier,
In a split second we realized brain trauma was nothing anyone would volunteer.
One day as we were striving to move forward we felt something familiar reappear,
In a split second we lost so we learned to show love and thanks for all we again find dear.

I Was Once Very Lost


I was once very lost,
I wasn’t sure I’d ever be found.
I wasn’t sure I could possibly stick around.
I sure resented the loss and cost,
I felt like I struggled very hard just not to drown.
I knew I deserved to have my loved ones stick around.
I felt like I was just kind of tossed,
I knew it was because my head had pounded the ground.
I was once very lost lost,
I was finally in time finally found.
I wasn’t sure how I could possibly stick around.
I no longer resent the cost,
I realize my head pounded the ground.
I am so very thankful I was able to stick around.
I learned brain injury survivors can truely astound.
I am enjoying this time of growth and finally rebound.
I am so thankful I was able to find the faith and courage to stick around.

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