Dear friends, I have needed to really search and research to get sufficient pain reduction. I have broke my neck twice at C-3-C7. I have severe nerve root damage. I came out of a neck brace 2 years ago but the pain was too tough without the aid of neck support.The neck brace had caused my swallowing disorder to progress and it was risky for me to eat. I could not get my pain level down and it was raising and keeping my blood pressure at an unacceptable high level. Thankfully, a friend and neighbor was talking to me and pointed to some lavender growing in my flower bed. He recommended I mix the lavender flowers in with my cannabis for more pain relief, relaxation and improved sleep. To this day I vape lavender mixed with my cannabis when I need extra pain relief or am having an extra hard time relaxing and going to sleep. We really do get along with a little help from our friends. <3
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