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Month: March 2017


A seizure aura starts as a flutter, as light as a butterfly,
Then I start floating, detached and free.
But as the tingling spreads through me,
And I recognize this feeling,
It is as if this body no longer belongs to me.
Now all my senses are fading,
All sound seems far away.
My heart is rapidly racing,
And my mind is unclear.
I identify with this feeling,
And it is the feeling of fear!
This aura is my warning,
One I must always heed,
This aura is my emergency alert,
It gives me the time that I need.
I will prepare for my landing,
As a pilot and his plane.
My landing point is crucial,
Wherever I land I will feel no shame.
It starts as a flutter, as light as a butterfly,
But it ends in a crash landing.
As the plane falls from the sky,
I look for a safe place to land.
My aura is the instrument panel,
Telling me not to continue to stand.
It may start as a flutter, as light as a butterfly,
I may start floating detached and free.
But this aura is my warning,
That I must protect me.
I am the pilot, my body is the plane.

Thanks For Our Special Teachers

Thanks for making us feel genuinely greeted each and every day,
Thanks for having patience and never making us feel in your way.
Thanks from your students that may not be able to write, hear or speak,
Thanks for meeting our special challenges daily and week to week.
Thanks on the days that our progress may seem like its going extra slow,
Thanks for accepting that we have challenges most people won’t ever know.
Thanks for helping us with our life skills it is much more than a good deed,
Thanks for being our special teacher your time with us helps us to succeed.
Thanks for always continuing to give us your welcoming and genuine smile,
Thanks for not seeming to mind if learning and doing things takes us a while.
Thanks for working and studying with us in your own special way every day,
Thanks for realizing we all have individual needs and for guiding us our own way.
Thanks for being our mentor too and working hard to be a teacher such as you,
Thanks and you need to know our families are also grateful for everything you do.

Cannabis and Healing Fear

Dear friends, when I really reflect on all my life improvements using cannabis I have absolutely not been limited to just my physical health. I no longer have to live with the vulnerability and fear of having a seizure in public. My uncontrolled seizures were a result of severe brain trauma. My neurologists did not mention that unconsciousness can and does breed sexual assault! We are vulnerable and we can and are preyed upon! I mention this because it is something that happens to both children and adult epileptics every day of the week! I have talked to many epileptic that have experienced this horror and awareness is greatly needed! To wake up in a store with a strangers hands in an inappropriate place is the ultimate vulnerability and stark fear! I found that once I got my seizure alert dogs I was more protected and felt safer! My dogs could protect me but they could not take away near all my seizure dreads and fears! It took medical cannabis for me to finally have seizure control and a quality of life worth living! This plant took away a fear that is unfathomable! This healing plant represents a quality of life that is inhumane to withhold from anyone!

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