Dear friends, I have been sharing brain injury
awareness for over two decades. If we really
look around and listen to fellow survivors we
should all eventually realize one humbling
truth! We really live among a world of miracles!
We are an amazing and miraculous brother and
sisterhood. Please give yourself credit for what
you are truly surviving! My first BI awareness
and education website was twenty years ago.
I have been waiting for technology to catch up
with what should finally make brain injury easily
for ALL of society to understand! There really is
NO excuse for this technology dependent society
not to understand and feel compassion for brain
injury survivors. In the height of technology there
is no excuse for people not to comprehend the
importance of our mysterious and amazing BRAINS!
It is our bodies only COMPUTER! Our brain injury put
insurmountable difficulties on our precious computers!
It makes me smile when I think about all the people that
FREAK out if any of their computerized gadgets get a glitch!
They panic if they hear it can’t be fixed by tomorrow! Imagine
if they realized they may have to deal with these glitches long term.

This is the best BI analogy I have been able to come up with in
27 years of trying hard!