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Month: September 2015

If Not


If not for loss, we would not recognize gain.
If not for fatigue, we would not appreciate energy.
If not for death, we would not be thankful for life.
If not for poverty, we could not appreciate prosperity.
If not for ignorance, we could not appreciate wisdom.
If not for failure, we could not fully appreciate success.
If not for harm, we could not appreciate safety.
If not for confusion, we would not appreciate peace.
If not for cowardice, we could not appreciate bravery.
If not for enemies, we would not know the meaning of friends.
If not for betrayal, we would not appreciate loyalty.
If not for fog, we could not appreciate clarity.
If not for hate, we would not appreciate love.
If not for reality, dreams would have no meaning.
If not for shallowness, we would not appreciate insight.
If not for shame, we could not appreciate pride.
If not for bad, we would have no appreciation of good.
If not for sorrow, we would not understand joy.
If it were not for our past,
The present may be much easier to accept.
But as you noticed, a world without scars, is a world without


Heart and Soul

I have a body, a mind, a heart, and a soul.
My body has changed, my mind is rearranged,
the essence of me, is still intact.
My heart is bigger, my soul is everlasting.
All bodies wear out, all minds get slower.
My heart has grown fuller, my soul is forever.
The essence of me, is still intact.
My body feels pain, my mind can’t remember,
but my heart keeps expanding, my soul is at peace.
Love comes from the heart, love radiates from the soul.
The essence of me, is still intact..
I can still give love, I can still receive love.
Try to overlook my bursts of anger,
don’t dwell on what I can no longer do.
The essence of me, is still intact.
If I ramble occasionally, or act totally confused,
if I have already told you this story please overlook it,
sometimes I just really can not recall.
The essence of me, is still intact.
If I lose my temper for no reason at all,
please remember my heart and my soul.
The essence of me, is still intact.

We Had No Warning

Dear friends, I have noticed that survivors that have other disorders had warnings. They have symptoms that warn them that something is wrong with their health. We as brain injured did not get any warning. Our injuries all happened in a split second of unexpected time. The unexpectedness of the experience throws most of us totally off base. After our injuries we are all struggling so hard just to hang on. There is never a blood test that shows us we are getting better. Our only gauges have got to come from ourselves and our loved ones. Our injury is definitely one of a kind. We are each others gauges on improvement. When you see someone doing better, or with more hope or encouragement lets remember we can be each others gauges, encouragers and hope!

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