Life can sometimes seem unjust and extra hard.
Life struggles can knock the breathe out of us.
Life can leave our hearts and souls scarred.
Life struggles can make us quite leery of trust.
Life can also be our teacher of so very much.
Life can teach us that unexpected events can be unjust.
Life can teach us the specialness of a friends gentle touch.
Life can always teach us things could be much rougher.
Life is a learning experience that can teach us so very much.
Life throws us curve balls that help us learn to be tougher.
Life is a journey, some journeys are much harder than others.
Life will test our perseverance, faith and our greatest resolve.
Life tests are sent to all; the children, fathers and mothers.
Life’s heartaches are to teach us all how to live and evolve.
Life is a journey meant to enhance our ability to love and give.
Life is given to each of us to live only once so lets shine.
Life is given to each of us to love others and learn how to forgive.
Life is a gift with no guarantees and can end at anytime.
Life can be lived with gestures of kindness all along the way.
Life can also be lived selfishly with no thought for anyone but self.
Life is much easier to survive once we all learn how to pray.
Life is meant to be lived fully not observed from somewhere up on a shelf.

Debbie Wilson