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Month: February 2015

Holding Hands


Please take my hand,
And let’s walk together in the warm sun and sand.
We all noticed life doesn’t always go as we hoped or planned.
Please take my hand,
And let’s help keep each other stay out of life’s treachoreous quicksand.
We noticed life doesn’t always go as we hoped or planned.
Please take my hand,
And let’s remind each other we are not alone and together we can make a new plan.
We may notice that when life doesn’t go as planned we may be able to create our very own wonderland.
Please just take my hand it may help us both continue to stand or even better expand.
Please take my hand,
And let’s walk together in the warm sun and sand.
We all noticed life doesn’t always go as we hoped and planned.

Debbie Wilson

Your Parents Got Too Angry


You were just a precious, priceless little baby, how could your parents be so cruel?
Out of control and violently angry, they unjustly confronted you with a duel.
You are just a little blameless infant, unable to resist and protect yourself.
Now there are several mortal bruises, because no one defended your health.
You were taken to the hospital today, your little head battered and harmed.
Mom and dad caused you to dearly pay, too late they are regretful and alarmed.
Now they are weeping and frightened, realizing their treatment was way too rough.
They are now aware and enlightened, but your battered body has had enough.
Heart breaking tears slide down your face, as you struggle helplessly to understand.
You just needed love and gentle kindness, not harm or abuse by your parents hand.
No amount of soothing can arrest your pain, nor can make what has occurred all right.
You found no comfort or safety in this life, only pounding and terror night after night.
As you pass to heaven full of joy and peace, you will not recall todays violence or pain.
Your little life left an enormous impression, other abused children will ultimately gain.
You will be remembered as gentle and sweet, many will not forget your appalling plight.
As a result of all your suffering and sacrifice, others will be inspired to keep battling your fight.

Debbie Wilson
In the name of Stopping Child Abuse and Brain Injury

Special People


Special are those…that understand that some things may be more difficult for me to do and harder for me to understand.

Special are those…that do not focus on my mistakes and inability’s, but rather are willing to over-look them.

Special are those…that do not treat me like I have no feelings, or that I do not understand when someone is putting me down.

Special are those…that allow me to do things for myself; when I can, and in their efficiency do not make me feel useless.

Special are those…that treat me with the respect that I deserve rather than condescendingly or patronizingly.

Special are those…that never seem impatient with my slower pace or ask me to go faster.

Special are those…that do not mention that my words are not always said correctly or clearly.

Special are those…that allow me time to think before they expect me to answer, realizing my answer may be worth waiting for.

Special are those…that appreciate that even though I am different, I
still have worth and a purpose in this life.

Special are those…that understand that new and different procedures are often over-whelming for me.

Special are those…that give me encouragement and hope when I am unsure of my own ability.

Special are those… that still find me worthy of their time and attention,mrather than making me feel abandoned.

Special are those…that are willing to overlook my disability, and see
the whole person that I really am.

Special are those…that I can be honest with in my most vulnerable
moments, without fear of rejection or judgment.

Special are those…that in their sincerity have helped me to gain back
my self-respect and self-confidence.

Special are those.. who through their unconditional acceptance have also helped me to accept the changes in me.

Special are those…that have the above attributes because they are few and far between.

Debbie Wilson


Hope…is the opposite of despair.
Hope…is the opposite of discouragement.
Hope…is the opposite of impossible.
Hope…is a life raft to a person drowning.
Hope…is oxygen to a person struggling for breathe.
Hope…is the sight of a parent to a child that is lost.
Hope…is the appeal process for the man on death row.
Hope…is dialysis for the person with kidney failure.
Hope…is insulin for the person with diabetes.
Hope…is heart surgery for the person with heart problems.
Hope…is a shunt for the person that is hydrocephalic.
Hope…is public transportation for those that can not drive.
Hope…is food for those that are poverty stricken.
Hope…is peace for those that live in domestic or war zones.
Hope…is a letter from family for the soldier away from home.
Hope…is a friend that loves and cares unconditionally.
Hope…is a dry place to sleep for the homeless.
Hope…is a ray of sunshine, after a devastating storm.
Hope…is not a gift, it cannot be given.
Hope…is not tangible, it cannot be stolen.
Hope… is something that can’t be bought for any amount of money.
Hope…is the desire to overcome the odds.
Hope…is the desire to fight back.
Hope…is belief in yourself, above all others.
Hope…is something that comes from within the heart and soul.
Hope…is striving to be as successful as possible not matter what.
Hope…is accepting limitations.
Hope…is forgiveness.
Hope…is going forward, even when it hurts.
Hope…is what carries us, when we are too tired to go on.
Hope…is to desire with some confidence of fulfillment.
Hope…is to persist in hoping against all odds.
Hope…is the expectation that things will indeed get better.
Hope…is magic in an otherwise very harsh world!
Hope…is the magic of discovering medical cannabis for healing and happiness!

Brain Injury and Improved Diagnosis Methods

I am concerned about the brain injury survivors that are in jail. I worry about the survivors that are homeless. Many of these brain I jury survivors are also veterans!  Seven out of ten juvenile and adults incarcerated have a brain trauma. The majority were arrested for a felony prior to their brain injury. Somebody should have intervined on behalf of statistics long ago.

I am a medically retired felony probation and parole officer. I also have worked as a correctional officer and an education counselor in a Florida state prison. I worked with special needs felons and I learned a Whole lot about injustice!  Many of them should have never been convicted! We are talking about people that did not have a clue they had a brain injury because no one cared or understood enough to question it. However , they are given a whole sleugh of wrong dignosis’s. I think we need age appropriate mini neuropsychological screening for brain injury in school for high risk students. This way they have a chance for their whole life to improve. We do not like our diagnosis but at least we know what ours is and it explains the way we act sometimes. Imagine if you had no idea what brain injury was,  yet you had it. All of us know how we have to keep a tight rein on our tempers because we have brain injuries. What if we did not know there was a problem with brain injury?

If schools could do age appropriate mini nerupsychological screening as we do vision checks we could appropriately identify the true problems from the beginning. We could adequately refer to the appropriate referral via the guidance conselors. I do realize HIPPA can be a problem, but a knowledeable educater can probably guide us in this important new improved proticol for earlier and more adequate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


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