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In Life


In life we can all use some adaptation.
In life we can all use some compassion.
In life we can all use plenty of time having fun.
In life we can all strive to finish and get things done.
In life we can all spur ourselves onto our future action.
In life we can all learn so much more if we take time to listen.
In life we can all learn that people are more important than possessions.
In life we can learn that all people need and deserve kind humane habitation.
In life we can learn that all people are one and it’s time for world humanization.

Debbie Wilson

Crystal Ball

Each of us can be thankful that none of us had a magic crystal ball,
We could have never imagined we could experience this kind of downfall.
Each of us have experienced a journey that will always leave others in awe.
Each of us would have fought volunteering to go down that brain injury hall.
We have everyone, of us, paid a dear price as I’m sure you can all easily recall.
We could have never enjoyed happiness if we had just dreaded our oncoming fall.
We then started relearning, many of us not walking yet slowly learning how to crawl.
We should be so very proud of what we have accomplished and that includes us all.
Each and all of our names were on the BI survivor’s list and we all answered our call.
We have each and everyone experienced more than our fair share of lonely tear fall.
Each of us have wondered if all we were doing was beating our heads against the wall.
Each of us pushed forward and beat the odds so we could again earn the right to stand tall.

Debbie Wilson

  A True Friend

A true friend is someone we can trust,
to be there and help us when we may need to readjust.
A true friend is someone that listens to what we say,
and doesn’t act like time with us is a waste of their day.
A true friend is someone we can count on no matter what,
it’s someone that  understands some days we go through a lot.
A true friend is someone we know we can and will always cherish,
a true friend are those that hung in there when we almost perished.
A true friend is someone that won’t leave when the going gets rough,
they guide us and cue us as we are striving to learn how to be tough.
A true friend is someone we know can always be loyal,
we understand real friends should be friends even after we crack our skull.
A true friend can be so very hard to meet or ever really find,
if you make one treat them lovingly and kind, they are so special in all our minds!
Many of us lost most of our family and friends when we suddenly injured our head,
We know what it feels like to be dropped by friends we thought truly cared instead.
We know loyalty, trust, kindness and compassion and need these to again forge ahead.

At My Worst


When I was at my worst,

I sure wanted my injury not to have been headfirst.

I noticed if I was somehow able to give,

I felt like my life was much more productive.

When I was at my worst,

I had to learn new ways to keep my attention immersed.

I noticed my health issues made me act overly aggressive.

When I was at my worst,

I had lost my knack at being cooperative.

I spent some down time learning how to forgive.

I worked hard and learned how to again be connective.

When I was at my worst,

I really worked hard to make sure my bad behavior was reversed.

When I was at my worst,

I worked hard and created a new life in which I now stay immersed.

Although I didn’t realize it when I was at my worst I was busy learning how

to be my BEST!

Debbie Wilson

I Learned  

I learned it takes a great deal of time to heal our brain.
I learned that no one can adequately predict our gain.
I was told I should choose to sit and just vegetate.
I knew I did not want that to be my chosen fate.
I learned moments of discouragement don’t last very long.
I learned that adversity is what helps us learn to be strong.
I learned streaming tears did not help me to clearly see.
I learned repetition was the key and well worth the fee.
I learned things that were priceless and that helped ease the pain.
I realized wisdom and knowledge would be what helped me gain.
I learned nothing is impossible if we keep trying our best.
I learned that a brain injury journey is a hard life test.
I learned perseverance does pay off in the end.
I learned it is a much easier journey when shared with friends.

Debbie Wilson

At Times

At times we were too injured to get anyone’s hints or cues.
At times we were angry and could be mean and had a short
Many times we were extremely worried and stay very frustrated
and confused.
At times we were not aware of who we were anymore and had
to learn how to lose.
In time I did realize you, my family, were also devastated by
the terrible “news.”
In time I realized you had all hoped and prayed my brain was just
slightly bruised.
In time I realized none of us were prepared,  it was never for any
one us to ever choose.
In time I realized no one could cope or face my true brain injury
damage and subsequent issues.
In time I realized that it would help no one by being negatively
accused or constantly verbally abused.
In time I realized no brain injury family gets a warning, preview
or review, we just do the best we can do.
In time I realized we did the best we could with what we all knew.
In time I realized that this is a successful brain injury family

Debbie Wilson

 We Need Hope


We need hope,
In order to cope.
With all the stressors,
life will inevitably evoke.
We need hope,
to write an inspiring quote.
We need hope,
to do things we would like to devote.
We need hope,
to imagine running like the antelope.
We need hope,
In order to cope.
Hope is the answer for all,
Hope is what helps us all stand tall.
Hope is what catches us every time we fall.
We need hope,
to manage life through its ever changing kaleidoscope.

Debbie Wilson

Life’s Legacy


Life is meant to be hard,
remember, someone always has is worse.
Life is meant for us to learn,
look around beyond your own “front door.”
Life is meant for us to be happy,
cherish, those precious moments in your life.
Life is meant for us all to be loved,
if you have experienced love just “once” feel blessed.
Life is meant for us to be content,
remember, all those special moments for a later time.
Life is meant for us all to find our true meaning,
for some the journey is extra brual and rough, we are still needed!
Life is meant for us to leave this world a better place,
what we do and say everyday is what really determines our legacy.

Debbie Wilson

Lovely Christmas

On this Christmas Day , I would like for us to realize that not all family and friends have very good coping skills. Depending on what kind of illness or injury you
have experienced can also effect others ability to support you through your times of need. I have a brain injury, epilepsy, and PTSD. There is nothing “acceptable” in most peoples eyes of a person that changes in a split second in every way
but still looks just the same like I do. Those of us with “invisible injuries”  that can’t be seen may notice even more lack of support.

I tell you this so that you can start forgiving some of them for your own sake and inner peace. We need to give ourselves a chance to start healing emotionally as well. If we are disappointed , hurt and let it constantly devastate us, we cannot live life in the amazing present!! I have spent a lot of time researching and observing this additional loss phenomenon because it hurts us all so very badly! When we experience a life altering life experience like we have we can no longer see through rose colored glasses. Our denial has been totally stripped away. Our priorities tend to alter to focus on our purpose in life and how we are going to accomplish it before we die!

Please realize that everyone copes differently, some good and some really badly! They can’t help it, that is who they are. Most people feel like their lives are already maxed out! Most people really cannot see how they may possibly be able to help us! I encourage all of us to help others that lack family and friend support especially during the holidays. This is a very lonely time for far too many, lets be extra supportive of others at this time since we do realize its grave importance!

Debbie Wilson

The Smallest Things


Sometimes, the smallest things,
can,  evoke a small ray of hope.
Sometimes, a simple gesture is what brings,
many of us, off a very slippery slope.
Sometimes, we can find no running streams,
these, are the times we tend to isolate and mope.
Sometimes, a beautiful voice or a bird sings,
and it reminds us we have the strength to  cope.
Sometimes, the smallest things,
can, evoke an amazing ray of hope.
Sometimes, the smallest things,
save us it was our last knot in the rope!
Thank you for all the smallest things,
that allowed us to make and achieve our new dreams!

Debbie Wilson

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