My name is Debbie Wilson and on July 2, 1989 I was.struck by a pick up truck as a pedestrian. I incurred both a traumatic brain injury and a spinal injury. I started having uncontrolled seizures within 2 years of my injury. Five years after I started having seizures I had my second and severe traumatic brain injury. This led to clusters of life threatening seizures. I had never gone over 3 days without seizures in 18 years. I was evaluated for brain seizure surgery at UCLA twice and turned down both times. I was also evaluated for the vagal nerve simulator twice and not considered a good risk, either time. I diligently tried and failed on 19 different anti epileptic medicines throughout the years.There was no medicine or procedure available to help me, so I have awaited research the last quarter of a century.An amazing cannabis consultant thankfully found me and offered to guide me to healing and seizure control. She thankfully found me after learning of my story. She offered to try her best to help with my epilepsy and neurology healing. This past year following her knowledgeable advice and taking her medical cannabis, I have made more progress than I had in all those previous years. I have been seizure free for almost this entire year, for the first time ever. My dementia is improving daily, and my family would say there is a night and day difference for the positive in my cognitive abilities. I had no feeling in my hands for 25 years, due to the brain injury, now thanks to THCA, a component of medical cannabis that is healing my brain and nerves! I do have feeling in my hands for the first time in a quarter century. I am now feeling the healing in my cervical area and am able to come out of the support of my neck brace for the first time. I have been taking THC, THCA and THCV. and vaping a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD! I have had my first normal EEG this year in 23 years. I also did much better on my neuropsychological test, even with my new dementia diagnosis! I am thrilled to share that I had my first normal MRI in 25 years, in 2014! There is always hope, just keep going forward, one baby step at a time.