The endocannabinoid system of the skin in health and disease: novel perspectives and therapeutic opportunities (full – 2009)


The cannabinoid receptor CB2 exerts antifibrotic effects in experimental dermal fibrosis (full – 2009)                                  


Cannabinoids inhibit fibrogenesis in diffuse systemic sclerosis fibroblasts                     (full – 2009)


The cannabinoid WIN55, 212-2 abrogates dermal fibrosis in scleroderma bleomycin model.         (abst – 2010)                       


Targeting the cannabinoid pathway limits the development of fibrosis and autoimmunity in a mouse model of systemic sclerosis.                                                        (abst – 2010)


Is lipid signaling through cannabinoid 2 receptors part of a protective system? (full – 2011)                              


Synthetic cannabinoid ajulemic acid exerts potent antifibrotic effects in experimental models of systemic sclerosis.                                                                  (abst – 2012)


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