OMEGA-3/CB1 CONNECTION (without Omega 3, new CB1 receptors are made imperfectly) also see NUTRITION – HEMP SEED OIL, CBR- CB1 receptors


Hemp Packs in Powerful Source of Preconception Nutrition             (article – undated)  Nutrition.html


Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential fatty Acids (EFA)              (infomercial/ad – undated)


Occurrence of “omega-3” stearidonic acid  in hemp seed               (full – 1996)


Effect of maternal under-nutrition on pup body weight and hypothalamic endocannabinoid levels.          (abst – 2003)                                    


Oily fish makes ‘babies brainier’                 (news – 2006)  (hemp seed – at the end)


Effect of dietary hempseed intake on cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury.            (full – 2007)


Endocannabinoids and nutrition.             (full – 2008)


Review of Nutritional Attributes of GOOD OIL (Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil) (full – 2008)                          


Deficit in prepulse inhibition in mice caused by dietary n-3 fatty acid deficiency. (full – 2009)                        


Hemp Seed Oil Benefits               (news – 2009)


Cannabinoid receptor-dependent and -independent anti-proliferative effects of omega-3 ethanolamides in androgen receptor-positive and -negative prostate cancer cell lines. (full – 2010)                             


Maternal Dietary Fat Determines Metabolic Profile and the Magnitude of Endocannabinoid Inhibition of the Stress Response in Neonatal Rat Offspring (full – 2010)


Effect of dietary fat on endocannabinoids and related mediators: consequences on energy homeostasis, inflammation and mood.                                       (abst – 2010)


Hemp Oil for Gout              (news – 2010)


Effect of dietary krill oil supplementation on the endocannabinoidome of metabolically relevant tissues from high-fat-fed mice                                                             (full – 2011)


A synaptogenic amide N-docosahexaenoylethanolamide promotes hippocampal development      (full – 2011)                         


Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions. (abst – 2011)                              


Fish oil promotes survival and protects against cognitive decline in severely undernourished mice by normalizing satiety signals.                                                                          (abst – 2011)


Omega-3 N-acylethanolamines are endogenously synthesised from omega-3 fatty acids in different human prostate and breast cancer cell lines.                                                          (abst – 2011)


Omega-3 Fatty Acids Essential for Normal Regulation of Mood in the Brain (news – 2011)  brain.html


Omega-3 deficiency disrupts cannibinoid receptor function in brain                (news – 2011)  function-in-brain/1347465


What An Expectant Mother Eats Affects Children’s Psychology in Later Life (news – 2011)


A Brain Wrought Without Omega-3                   (news – 2011)


Poor Diet Impairs Cannabinoid Receptors                   (news – 2011)


Hemp Seed Oil for Anxiety               (news – 2011)


Research provides new clues to understand link between deficits of AGPO-3, depression (news – 2011)  deficits-of-AGPO-3-depression.aspx


Why Omega-3s Affect Your Mood                (news – 2011)


Functional Metabolomics Reveals Novel Active Products in the DHA Metabolome. (full – 2012)                         


Metabolic effects of n-3 PUFA as phospholipids are superior to triglycerides in mice fed a high-fat diet: possible role of endocannabinoids.                                                         (full – 2012)


Dietary linoleic acid elevates endogenous 2-AG and anandamide and induces obesity. (full – 2012)                            


Type 2 Diabetes Associated Changes in the Plasma Non-Esterified Fatty Acids, Oxylipins and Endocannabinoids                                                                        (full – 2012)


Fish oil and inflammatory status alter the n-3 to n-6 balance of the endocannabinoid and oxylipin metabolomes in mouse plasma and tissues                                                         (full – 2012)


Nutritional n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids deficiency alters cannabinoid receptor signaling pathway in the brain and associated anxiety-like behavior in mice. (abst – 2012)


Metabolic effects of n-3 PUFA as phospholipids are superior to triglycerides in mice fed a high-fat diet: possible role of endocannabinoids.                                                      (full – 2012)


Essential fatty acids and lipid mediators. Endocannabinoids              (abst – 2012)


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Essential fatty acids and lipid mediators. Endocannabinoids                 (abst – 2012)


N-acyl amines of docosahexaenoic acid and other n-3 polyunsatured fatty acids – From fishy endocannabinoids to potential leads                                                             (abst – 2012)


Effect of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on the endocannabinoid system in osteoblast-like cells and muscle                                                                   (abst – 2012)


Dietary linoleic acid elevates endogenous 2-arachidonoylglycerol and anandamide in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) and mice, and induces weight gain and inflammation in mice.   (abst – 2012)               


Acetaminophen, pesticide, and diethylhexyl phthalate metabolites, anandamide, and fatty acids in deciduous molars: potential biomarkers of perinatal exposure (abst – 2012)


Cannabinoid Receptor Function is Altered by Nutritionally Deficient Diet (news – 2012)  nutrionally-deficient-diet


DHA prevents altered 5-HT1(A), 5-HT2(A), CB1 and GABA(A) receptor binding densities in the brain of male rats fed a high-saturated-fat diet.                                                                    (abst – 2013)


Synaptamide, endocannabinoid-like derivative of docosahexaenoic acid with cannabinoid-independent function.                                                                               (abst – 2013)

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