King’s College Review of Nutritional Attributes of Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (full – undated)                                     


Hemp Foods & Oils Primer                    (article – undated)


Hemp Oil vs Flax Oil. Which One is Right for Me?                    (article – undated)  Me%3F.html


Hemp & GLA: Good Fat Burns Bad Fat                   (article – undated)  Fat-.html


Hemp Seed Oil – Your source for essential fat                    (article – undated)—Your-source-for-essential-fat.html


Hemp: The Right Choice for Omega-6                     (article – undated)


Hemp Oil Vs. Flax Oil                    (article – undated)


Therapeutic Hemp Oil                    (news – 1993)


Hemp seed oil: A source of valuable essential fatty acids                      (full – 1996)


Occurrence of “omega-3” stearidonic acid  in hemp seed                      (full – 1996)


Hemp Seed Oil : The Wonder Oil For the New Millennium                      (full – 1999)


Hemp and Health                     (book excerpt  – 1999)


Consumption and quantitation of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol in commercially available hemp seed oil products.                                                         (abst – 2000) 


Characteristics of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) seed oil                       (abst – 2002)  6&_user=10&_coverDate=01%2F31%2F2002&_alid=1224442428&_rdoc=729&_fmt=high&_orig=searc









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Nutritional Profile and Benefits of Hemp Seed, Nut, and Oil               (full – 2003)


Hemp-seed and olive oils: their stability against oxidation and use in O/W emulsions. (abst – 2004)                            


Hemp Oil               (full – 2005)


Efficacy of dietary hempseed oil in patients with atopic dermatitis.             (abst – 2005)


Study on the extraction process for cannabinoids in hemp seed oil by orthogonal design (abst – 2005)                           


Hemp-seed and olive oils: their stability against oxidation and use in O/W emulsions. (abst – 2005)                          


Effects of hempseed and flaxseed oils on the profile of serum lipids, serum total and lipoprotein lipid concentrations and haemostatic factors.                                         (abst – 2006)


Review of Nutritional Attributes of GOOD OIL (Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil) (full – 2008)                          


How Hemp Seed Oil Can Help Your Arthritis                 (news – 2009)


Hemp Seed Oil Benefits                (news – 2009)



(link to pdf – 2010)  ll&recNo=67&uiLanguage=en


Hemp Oil Compared to Flax Oil              (article – 2010)


Evaluating the quality of protein from hemp seed (Cannabis sativa L.) products through the use of the protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score method. (abst – 2010)


Analytical Characterization of Hempseed (Seed of Cannabis sativa L.) Oil from Eight Regions in China.                                           (abst – 2010)









Hemp Seed Oil for Skin               (news – 2010)


Hemp Seed Oil Uses                  (news – 2010)


Hemp Oil for Gout              (news – 2010)


The Benefits of Hemp Oil on Hair               (news – 2010)


Vets use hemp seed oil on animals with cancer                (news – 2010)  hemp-seed-oil-on-animals-with-cancer


Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions. (abst – 2011)                              


Anchovy red wine vinegarette with or without cannabis oil                 (news – 2011) vinegarette-with-or-wi


Hemp Oil Vs. Flax Oil               (news – 2011)


Hemp Seed Oil for Anxiety                (news – 2011)


Antioxidant Activities and Oxidative Stabilities of Some Unconventional Oilseeds (full – 2012)                           


Effect of feeding hemp seed and hemp seed oil on laying hen performance and egg yolk fatty acid content: Evidence of their safety and efficacy for laying hen diets.

(abst  – 2012)        


Fatty Acid Profile and Sensory Characteristics of Table Eggs from Laying Hens Fed Hempseed and Hempseed Oil.                                                                  (abst – 2012)


Searching for health beneficial n-3 and n-6 fatty acids in plant seeds.             (abst – 2012)


Hemp Seed Oil For Eczema – Cures From The Inside Out                (news/ anecdotal – 2012)

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