Cooking With Cannabis                    (news – undated)


Cannabis Recipes                      (forum thread – 2004)


The Stoner’s Cookbook                     (undated)  


Recipes from “Onlinepot”                      (undated)


Hemp Seed Recipes                    (collection- undated)   


How To Make Canna Oil                     (news – undated)


How To Make Cannabutter                      (news – undated)


Alice B. Toklas brownies: the recipe!                        (news – 1994)


Cannabis butter to spread across Europe                      (news – 2004)


Cannabutter In 7 Easy Steps!                       (forum thread- 2005)


Hemp Seeds, One of the Ways to Rebalance and Detox Your Body                     (news – 2008)  ody-a01073882954


IC Recipe Guide                          (forum thread – 2008)









The CBC Recipes                      (forum thread – 2009)


The Calories in Hemp Seeds                     (news – 2010)


Cannabis Cooking Oil                      (news – 2010)


Recipes that can make some lives easier; Cannabis Barbeque Sauce                      (news – 2010)   barbeque-sauce


Anchovy red wine vinegarette with or without cannabis oil                      (news – 2011) vinegarette-with-or-wi


Recreational use and overdose of ingested processed cannabis (Majoon Birjandi) in the eastern Iran.       (abst – 2012)


CanChew Cannabinoid Gum Available to Patients Early 2013                       (news – 2012)


BadKat’s CannaPharm: -Linked- Table of Contents  (forum post – 2012) (recommended by Granny)

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