MDA-7– synthetic, strong CB2 agonist


MDA7: a novel selective agonist for CB2 receptors that prevents allodynia in rat neuropathic pain models.         (full – 2008)


Prevention of paclitaxel-induced neuropathy through activation of the central cannabinoid type 2 receptor system.                                                                                    (abst – 2012)


Cannabinoid Receptor Stimulator Reverses Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease in Animal Model  (news – 2012)                     


Researchers investigating potential drug for treatement of Alzheimer’s disease (news – 2012)


Activation of the CB(2) receptor system reverses amyloid-induced memory deficiency. (abst – 2013)                                  


In vivo efficacy of enabling formulations based on hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrins, micellar preparation, and liposomes for the lipophilic cannabinoid CB2 agonist, MDA7. 

(abst – 2013)            

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