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Modulation of P-glycoprotein activity by cannabinoid molecules in HK-2 renal cells (full – 2006)                               


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Cannabinoid-2 receptor limits inflammation, oxidative/nitrosative stress, and cell death in nephropathy.  (full – 2010)


Expression of cannabinoid receptors in human kidney.                     (abst – 2010)


Cannabidiol Attenuates Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity by Decreasing Oxidative/Nitrosative Stress, Inflammation, and Cell Death                                                                    (full – 2011)









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Outbreak of kidney failure in Wyoming linked to “Spice”                (news – 2012)


Wyoming kidney failure outbreak linked to designer ‘blueberry spice’ drug, aka ‘legal marijuana’  (news – 2012)


Blueberry “spice” in Wyoming linked to cases of renal failure                  (news – 2012)


New health concerns about ‘fake pot’ in US              (news – 2012)


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Synthetic Marijuana Dangerous for Kidneys                      (news – 2013)


Synthetic Marijuana Harms Kidneys of 16 Users, CDC Reports                      (news – 2013)

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