Inhibition of skin tumor growth and angiogenesis in vivo by activation of cannabinoid receptors  (full – 2003)                        


Starting Point Of Sun-Induced Skin Cancer Discovered: Molecular ‘Hooks’ Also Pull Compounds From Marijuana From Bloodstream                                                                        (news – 2008)


U of Minnesota researcher discovers the starting point of sun-induced skin cancer (news – 2008)  sun-induced-skin-cancer-19419-1/


Cannabis Science Provides Physician’s Documentation That Confirms Successful Treatment of Skin Cancer                                                                  (news/ info-mercial – 2011)  Physician%E2%80%99s-Documentation-Confirms-Successful-Treatment


The association of N-palmitoylethanolamine with the FAAH inhibitor URB597 impairs melanoma growth through a supra-additive action                                                                 (full – 2012)


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