Dear friends, I wanted to share about our medical cannabis trial. Gary , Shannon , and I met with our cannabis clinician, Tisha . We were so impressed with her depth of knowledge and expertise! We all three will be on a 6 week documented trial for brain injury, epilepsy and or CTE. What we are using is a VERY high CBD low THC strain. We are also using THCA capsules. I am also taking CBD for my life threatening partial complex seizures. Our medical cannabis regimen includes a day time strain a sativa/indica 17.8% THC and 5.5 % CBD. We have a night time strain that is a very strong indica. This will be the first time I have had everything I needed to do a true trail. As we see how we are doing and what areas of improvement we notice I will keep updating all of you. I just wanted to say it was wonderful meeting such loving, kind and caring people!  Our time with her was unforgettable and forever life changing. I do know that wonderful, good, and caring people still exist in this world! This is a very involved and complex process with a great deal of new information for me to learn and get correct right now. I am going to dedicate the next 6 weeks to this trial first and I may have to let many other things go. I realize this answered prayer is my only hope and I owe myself the best trial I can possibly do. My family is helping make many memory adaptive changes to help cue me to be able to successfully follow the instructions correctly.