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Month: September 2012

What is Happening to Me?


I am caught in these nightmares and they are keeping me awake,
I wake drenched in sweat and sometimes I just lay here and shake.
I have learned all I can about PTSD and still it slithers through me like a snake.

I am still losing my temper with my wife and my kids, and that is not my intent.
I just stay angry, frustrated, confused and uncomfortable, and it is hard to feel content.
When my wife cues me, why can’t I just follow her lead and get the hint?

Self control has always been important to me, and I feel lost and out of control.
I had no idea combat could change me so much, sometimes I forget I am no longer
supposed to be on patrol. This PTSD feels like it is invading my very soul!

Remember how sure I used to be of myself, my decisions and our families future?
To tell the truth that I hide from most, I  rarely ever feel that old feeling of being sure.
How I pray, I will respond to some treatment, and maybe someday there could be a cure.

Until that time I promise you, my precious family, to do all the research I can.
You know how much I love all of you, and I want you to stay proud of me as a man!
I believe I am going to get some of my buddies together so we can do whatever we can.



Rescheduling Medical Marijuana Big Pharma Way


Here is the CBD, the component in the medical marijuana plant that does amazing: for pain relief in Pharmaceutical form. I do not know about when federal resheduling will happen but this medicine is pure cannabis . So I do know for this medicine to go on sale in the US in 2013 like they are predicting, we must be very close to resheduling the big Pharma way. Debbie Wilson

Hemp Tincture, Salve, and Capsules from Dixie X Disrupt Pharma with CBD Pain Relief (formerly is proud to announce the launch of Dixie X hemp-derived CBD wellness products, now available OTC in stores and online. Containing no THC and carrying no risk of overdose or psychoactive effect, Dixie X hemp tincture, salve, and capsules are packed with …

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