I have thought a lot about you,
you who have been or are behind bars.
I have wondered how many of you hurt your head
somewhere along life’s path toward your arrest.

Maybe there was a car accident, maybe it was a
fight, or  a sports injury. What you did not realize
is you were no longer alright.
A brain injury has so many different symptoms there
is no telling what or how you were labeled. There
is no telling what medication you were put on. It
probably was not for the real problem; brain injury.

Now that you have a diagnosis, there is help available
for you. There are things you can read or have read
to you about what you have the power to change. It must
be a relief to be able to finally understand and have a diagnosis
for your frustration, anger, memory problems, and physical problems.

This understanding could make all the difference in
your future as you know it. It can also make a difference
in your quality of life in or out of prison.